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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SharePoint?

A box of tools built by Microsoft to allow you to collaborate more easily with your colleagues and clients. You can build your own portal, document management system and automate your business processes.

Older readers may regard it as a software equivalent of a Meccano kit.

Why use pre-built SharePoint tools?

Although t he tools are very powerful and you can build solutions yourself - in practice much of what you want to do is so much easier if you link it back to your existing IT infrastructure. So you need to be able to link the information in the Portal to what is in your databases.

Also it can take you a long time and your developer may not be quite as quick at picking up this new technology as they say. You can see ours working before you buy.

What is a Portal?

A peg board into which you can plug information from your IT system. It is in effect an internal website in which information can be displayed. As more web parts are added it can take on the feel of an AppStore for little software tools.

Does eMail Filer work with my iPhone and Blackberry?

Yes. It works with any device as long as it is capable of sending an email.



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