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We built one of the UK's first online accounting software products known as WebsterAccounts for our sister company in the UK and a firmin South Africa. The UK software is still running and is maintainted by us.

What does it do?
interlinkt accounting gives firms of accountants the opportunity to offer their clients an online accounting system. Several providers provide such a product. One difference is that we can give you the facility to host all the information on your own webservers - removing the risk that clients are known to a third party.

It can also be used for your own business to record accounting transactions generated in the workflows within the portal. This functionality is still in its early stages of development. If you buy our SharePoint Portal then interlinktAccounting seemlessly integrates, allowing your account managers to have easy access to all client transactions and generate any invoices quickly and efficiently.

The software has recently been re-written into SQL2012 to offer the benefits of the latest Reporting Services technology.

How will I benefit?
In creating a closer relationship between your accounts managers and client, this tool allows the client to be fully informed as to the status of their accounts without needing to enquire with the account manager. Additionally it allows requests for documentation to be passed between account manager and client at the click of a button. Alongside eLerts this could then send alerts to the client / account manager as a reminder.

Save Time for your clients
They won't need to gather together printed excel spreadsheets or word documents for invoicing, interlinktAccounting can raise invoices online and automatically includes them in subsequent VAT reports. When your client pays, this can then be recorded online keeping all records and documentation up to date and simplifying your bookkeeping processes.

Help clients manage better
They will have instant access to up-to-date reports to help them make your business decisions and you can see that information online in realtime to discuss it with them. .

Technical requirements & issues
You will need a SQL licence in place and the internet connection licence. You will also need to run webservices and provide an internet connection.

Alternatively you can host the solution on an ISP

Our technical team can provide further assistance prior to purchase to ensure that your hardware and software are fully compliant. For further information contact

How much does it cost?
We anticipate that our costs will be met by the clients who use the system. Normally this is £125 per person per year. We are happy to discuss both options, so for any enquiries or further information please get in touch with Andrew Webster at