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Although our software works seamlessly together the individual software tools are available for separate purchase as well as being part of an interlinkt suite.

All components are built using Microsoft SharePoint and/or Microsoft SQL so that they can be added to any suitable SharePoint system - you can pick only those products which are relevant for your business and do not need to buy software which duplicates something you already own.

interlinkt database
All components rely on the proprietary database which links together the different components of software. This means that the software works with different practice management software and tax and accounting systems and can be modified to link to new systems as they are developed.

The Portal and related components
The fundamental tools which make up our portal, offering a central point for all your business' activity. You can just buy the Portal and then add all your own content with all the benefits of the interlinking we have built.

Document Management
You can buy a fully independent document management system, which brings you the "standard" document management functionality of filing, version control and retrieval. You can then additional features unique to interlinkt e.g. document creation. Alternatively you can buy just the additional parts - to augment a SharePoint document management system that you have developed.

Useful tools
A number of tools which can work alongside, and some independently of our other software which help to enhance the efficiency of your work processes, whether this be client based communication or integration of internal software through our unique approach.

ASP Web App
Our web apps are designed to provide simple approaches to what are usually complex procedures for your account managers, allowing them to concentrate on more important client issues.

We built one of the UK's first online accounting software products known as WebsterAccounts for a firm in the UK and one in South Africa. This software has since been developed to provide two roles. It can be used for your own business to record accounting transactions generated in the Portal. It is also available as a white label accounting software package for your clients - allowing their information to be brought into our Portal.

Complete Product List
If you are unsure as to which of the above would best suit your firm's needs, then this list will provide a comprehensive snapshot of all the products we offer.