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interlinkt database

The individual software tools which we have built rely on our ingenious database to link them together.

Originally built three years ago the database is ultra generic - in that the table structure is itself stored as data - giving a skilled user maximum flexibility.

For firms developing solutions which need to link together different software providers then this is an ideal tool. Our developers can reveal the DLL - if you are using a web based solution - which has been written into the database to which you wish to link. You then no longer need to worry about changes which are made to the source database - they will update.

The interlinkt database is available free when you buy software worth £5,000 or more.

Software houses are now looking at making interlinkt the standard model which they use to link to other software. One provider, who has already bought into our philosophy, links to PE via the interlinkt database secure in the knowledge that we will manage any upgrade required should PE update their product.