helping manage the information in your practice



Useful tools

The interlinkt useful tools provide additional functionality to your current practice management software, and can be purchased as additions to / alongside our own suite of software. These tools range from integration of client contact information to an alerts system to flag up urgent matters.

A software tool that raises emails based on the results of a SQL query. Our best seller to date. Currently over 2,000 users.

A tool to allow the marketing team to select clients for an email marketing campaign without knowing how to write SQL queries on your database e.g. to all the clients over 65 making pension payments. Emails are sent out either using eLert or your existing web based service

Connecting with Outlook
The connecting with outlook tools, allow you the function of bringing together client information whether this be meetings, communication or even contact addresses from your practice / relationship management system and your outlook folders.

interlinkt tools
Our interlinkt tools can be combined with your own software, or be added onto our portal to make your processes more efficient to use and easier to set up.