helping manage the information in your practice




The Portal provides you with a web page through which you can review any information in your IT system. Our interlinkt database stores the links to a wide range of SQL databases. We can link to any new SQL database. One report can contain information from different databases.

The Portal and related components

SharePoint Portal
A complete Portal which you buy in with our look and feel. This is the peg board into which you plug any of our webparts which you wish to use

integration Database
The glue that binds our products together - but designed to glue to any SQL database that you use.

A tool within our Portal that allows you to gather information from your clients using web based forms. This tool is only available as a bespoke options so that we can guarantee data security.

Help Desk
We have two helpdesks; Tax Knowledge and IT support but additional helpdesks can be easily created which are searchable databases with Questions and answers, call logging, with integrated Wikkis

Client Facing Portal
We plan to have a full client facing Portal in place by the end of the year. However if you simply want to be able to share documents with clients then our Online Accounting Software has been providing this functionality for several years. See here for details.