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Document Management

Our full document management suite is constantly being enhanced by new functionality built for existing clients. It redefines what is possible in a document management system by utilising the developments within Microsoft SharePoint. However all the tools can work independently to enhance an existing software solution which has been completed.

eMail filer
An email filing tool that stores emails within a SharePoint database linked to your practice management software. Standard within our Document Management products but we have integrated this with other SharePoint document management systems.

eDocument filer
Released in March 2012 it provides all the functionality of filing, version control & retrieval of documents & emails that you expect from a traditional"document management system " with the unique ability to file at client, group of service level - customised for professional practices - especially accountants.

interlinkt document create
This web part works in conjunction with the SharePoint document library templates allowing a user to choose from a group of templates and draw on data drawn from third party systems into a created document.

Now this is what we call document management!! Customised workflows to automate your key document processes augment our entry level system. From a simple process to ensure that documents have the right approval before being sent to clients - to automating an entire custom business process. The limit is your imagination and budget. A new product interlinktDocument is due out later in 2012 to include the latest functionality which takes document management beyond filing and retrieval.

Client Facing Document Site
Most professional firms want to be able to share documents with clients within a confidential environment. Our Online Accounting Software has been providing this functionality for several years. Under EU regulations it is likely to become impossible to email confidential information to a client without risk of action. A fully protected site - with encrypted interaction to the database solves those problems. This has been in operation for over four years. So it is tried and tested.