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Complete Product List

interlinkt database
All components rely on the proprietary database which links together the different components of software. This means that the software works with different practice management software and tax and accounting systems and can be modified to link to new systems as they are developed.

The Portal and related components

SharePoint Portal
A complete Portal which you buy in with our look and feel. This is the peg board into which you plug any of our webparts which you wish to use

integration Database
The glue that binds our products together - but designed to glue to any SQL database that you use.

A tool within our Portal that allows you to gather information from your clients using web based forms. This tool is only available as a bespoke options so that we can guarantee data security.

Help Desk
We have two helpdesks; Tax Knowledge and IT support but additional helpdesks can be easily created which are searchable databases with Questions and answers, call logging, with integrated Wikkis

Client Facing Portal
We plan to have a full client facing Portal in place by the end of the year. However if you simply want to be able to share documents with clients then our Online Accounting Software has been providing this functionality for several years. See here for details.

Document Management

eMail filer
An email filing tool that stores emails within a SharePoint database linked to you practice management software. All the functionality is contained within our two Document Management products.

eDocument filer
Released in 2012 we provide all the functionality of filing and retrieval of documents & emails that you expect from what our competitors call "document management" with the unique ability to file at client, group of service level - customised for professional practices - especially accountants

interlinkt document create
This web part works in conjunction with the SharePoint document library templates allowing a user to choose from a group of templates and draw on data drawn from third party systems into a created document.

Now this is what we call document management!! Customised workflows to automate your key document processes. From a simple process to ensure that documents have the right approval before being sent to clients - to automating an entire custom business process. The limit is your imagination and budget. A new product interlinktDocument is due out later in 2012 to include the latest functionality which takes document management beyond filing and retreival.

Client Facing Document Site
Most professional firms want to be able to share documents with clients within a confidential environment. Our Online Accounting Software has been providing this functionality for several years. Under EU regulations it is likely to become impossible to email confidential information to a client without risk of action. A fully protected site - with encrypted interaction to the database solves those problems. This has been in operation for over four years. So it is tried and tested.

Useful tools

A software tool that raises emails based on the results of a SQL query. Download a product summary here Our best seller to date.

A tool to allow the marketing team to select clients for an email marketing campaign without knowing how to write SQL queries on your database e.g. to all the clients over 65 making pension payments. Emails are sent out either using eLert or your existing web based service

Outlook Contacts Plug-in
A simple but powerful tool allows you to update your Practice Management database directly from Outlook to amend contact information at the click of a button. Product brochure download here.

Outlook Event Plug-in
Another took for Outlook - which allows you to add a record of any Outlook Event to your CRM system; e.g. add a note of a meeting. Product brochure download here.

Microsoft Exchange integration
Synchronise your Outlook Contacts with the contact information contained within your Practice Management Software.

ASP Web App

Fee Protection
These are a set of asp web pages which can be used by your account managers to maintain client fee protection.

ASP web page to maintain outcomes of meetings held in the PM system. This can be used in conjunction with the Contact events outlook plugin and also a Client meetings simple db report.

ASP web page for maintaining outcomes of prospect events saved in the PM system. It is used in conjunction with a Prospects simple DB report which pulls the prospects from the PM system.

Contact Groups
ASP web page for grouping contacts in the PM system.

interlinkt tools

We built one of the UK's first online accounting software products known as WebsterAccounts for a firm in the UK and one in South Africa. The software went live in 2002 and has since been re-written to be fully xml compliant. The software can now be branded for other firms to use for their clients. Recently re-written in SQL 2012 it offers the benefits of Reporting Services technology.

interlinkt generic picker
The interlinkt generic picker, integrates your database system into a SharePoint data column that can be used in any list of document library allowing items to be linked to your database. It is simple to install and can be configured via the built-in SharePoint Column properties, from where any further configurations can be made. The system is support from WSS-SharePoint 2010.

interlinkt menu
The fully configurable interlinkt menu replaces the SharePoint quick launch menu, or can be used alongside it. This menu system allows you to set permissions for access to certain tabs and sections of your portal, meaning that secure information that is held within the document management system can only be accessed by users with the correct permissions

interlinkt simple DB reort
This SharePoint web part allows the user to display web reports using information from other third party systems, and can display this information in any way desired. This allows the user an increased level of accessibility to external data, and is all driven from a simple procedure stored in the database. The web part can be configured to use a custom stylesheet to display the information, and can be used to list multiple web reports on one page.

interlinkt multi-profiler
The interlinkt Multi-profiler will bring a level of convenience to your editing of document data. It allows the user to select multiple items in a document library and simple make one meta data change which will affect every chosen document. It is currently used in conjunction with the interlinkt document search screen for ease of document locating

interlinkt document search
Our document search is a complete configurable SharePoint web part that will increase the efficiency of your employees' time, by allowing them to check in / out multiple documents at a time. It incorporates our multi-profiler and can be used to preview documents on screen before editing

interlinkt meetings
This is a SharePoint we part which shows any meetings you have stored in a third party system. The views are then filterable by date and are user aware

interlinkt data uploader
This is a SharePoint Web part which enables a 3rd party database system to have data uploaded via an excel spreadsheet, an example being the upload of prospect contacts into your PM system.

Technical Requirements & Costs

Technical requirements & issues
As a general requirement we state that you should have a valid SharePoint licence and a SQL database in place.

Our technical team can provide further assistance prior to purchase to ensure that your hardware and software are fully compliant. For further information contact

How much does it cost?
While many of our tools can be bought as individual items to be integrated with your current practice management system, they are usually purcahsed as part of a package. We are happy to discuss both options, so for any enquiries or further information please get in touch with Andrew Webster at