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ASP Web App

These applications are the component parts of a client relationship management functionality that is being gradually added to interlinkt. Many firms have 80% of the information they want buried in a practice management system or other database. Our tools bring that information onto the Portal. THis means that they are seen by the right people - and only the right people.

Our ASP Web Apps are designed to integrate with your account managers' tasks and make certain parts of them much more simple to record. Whether this be client meeting outcomes or contact grouping our web apps simply and efficiently bring any necessary information together saving time money.

We can easily add bespoke functionality to meet particular needs within your firm. The any page can include data from multiple databases.

Fee Protection
These are a set of asp web pages which can be used monitor which clients have paid for fee protection and display that information in the Portal .

ASP web page to maintain outcomes of meetings held in the PM system. This can be used in conjunction with the Contact events outlook plugin and also a Client meetings simple db report.

Present all your prospects on one page. ASP web page for maintaining outcomes of prospect events saved in the PM system. It is used in conjunction with a Prospects simple DB report which pulls the prospects from the PM system.

Contact Groups
ASP web page for grouping contacts in the PM system - widening the functionality that exists within the package.