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About Us

interlinkt Ltd is a software development company based in Cambridge, England and Catricuum, Netherlands. Our first software product was an online accounting solution for our sister company websters - a firm of tax advisors, accountants and solicitors in Cambridge

Currently largely working in Microsoft SharePoint for products based within your office infrastructure supplemented by a range of web technologies where appropriate on externally faced sites.

Sales and support for interlinkt software are handled by an IT consultancy business with a strong niche in advising larger accounting firms. Most clients are firms of accountants with between 50 and 500 staff.

Managing director - Andrew Webster is a tax professional with a long term interest in developing software solutions. In 1989 he built a partnership tax calculation package for Robson Rhodes a partnership of 80 partners.

Keiron Trott is the Senior Developer. With over 20 years experience in writing software applications He joined the team in 2002. Keiron is a computer systems design specialist with 16 years commercial experience, He initially worked on database systems on MOD projects, then worked for over 8 years as a senior computer consultant for various large investment banks in London designing large scalable trading systems. He built the xml based accounting system WebsterAccounts, and e-lerts, and is now based in Holland.

Corrie Deighton is an accountant with a degree in IT. She manages the design and testing programmes for all our new software - bringing together the expertise of a range of experts from our sister company websters - a firm of tax, legal, accounting and financial advisors.